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Tribes Biscuits



Last Updated on Saturday, 26 March 2011 14:59 Written by Anubis Saturday, 26 March 2011 14:31


Tribes: Ascend


Hi-Rez Studios Unveils the Next Tribes ® ATLANTA - March 11, 2011 -- Today at the PAX East game festival, Hi-Rez Studios released an announcement trailer for Tribes: Ascend™, proclaiming the return of the sci-fi, online multi-player shooter franchise Tribes....

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Last Updated on Friday, 11 March 2011 17:21 Written by Anubis Friday, 11 March 2011 17:13


Tribes still getting better and better



Another year of life, Tribes!

Last Updated on Thursday, 23 December 2010 14:56 Written by Anubis Thursday, 23 December 2010 14:34


HiRez Buys Tribes Franchise


Hi-Rez Studios Announcement

From Global Agenda - Forums

"(...) We now have two groups in the studio, one working on continuing to build Global Agenda and a new group working on the Tribes Universe project. We are also moving to a new larger office space in another month that will help us accommodate our growth.
(...) While working through the design we kept coming back to one old and loved game that represented many of the concepts we where incorporating into the new game (Jetpacks, vehicles, large open space, three armor types, futuristic weapons, etc). Many of you will know this game as Tribes, the original on-line multiplayer shooter. As of now, HiRez Studios is the proud new owner of the Tribes franchise."

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1) RESPECT: I make every effort to treat others as they would want to be treated and as I would like them to treat me. 2) HONOR: I make every effort to keep my word and my bond with Pushbiscuit, only pasticipating in one Tribe at a time. 3) LOYALTY: I make every effort with courage to be who I say I am, I am a diplomat of Pushbiscuit. 4) INTEGRITY: I make every effort to do what I say I will do, I will not use programs that are determined to be cheats by Pushbiscuit to gain an advantage over others. 5) CONSIDERATION FOR OTHERS: I make every effort to extend unmerited kindness to others as an act of my will. 6) SINCERITY: I make every effort to consistently speak the truth with compassion. 7) FAIRNESS: I make every effort to uphold truth, expose error and correct wrongs. 8) RESPONSIBILITY: I make every effort to self-scrutinize and seek out the critique of others members. 9) KNOWLEDGE: I will try to find something greater than intelligence (knowing what is), I seek knowledge, knowing what is right or true to Pushbiscuit Values. 10) EXCELLENCE: I make every effort to be my very best as I do my very best every day, knowing when to push my strengths and when to let other show their ability even if it means I don’t finish first. 11) SERVING-LEADERSHIP: I make every effort to set the sacrificial example for others to follow and I yield to those given responsibility for others. 12) UNITY: I make every effort to foster oneness among those to whom I am bounded with in my tribe. 13) FORGIVENESS: I make every effort to extend and receive from others, unmerited acceptance. 14) LIBERTY: I make every effort to preserve public rights by fulfilling my personal responsibilities. 15) LEARNING & MENTORING: I make every effort to grow in wisdom and skill and then pass it on. 16) STEWARDSHIP: I make every effort to add value to all that has been entrusted to me by Pushbiscuit. 17).) SEEKING COUNSEL: I make every effort to overcome indecision and ignorance by securing wisdom from others in Pushbiscuit. 18) SUBMISSION TO TRUTH: I make every effort to boldly change my ways to fit the Pushbiscuit Code. 19) UNIVERSALLY: I will make every effort to follow this code in the virtual and real world.

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