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Also coming soon: Annihilation - Pushbiscuit Style


We are currently working on a new annihilation edit to run on our servers. What began as an honest but limited effort to revamp our server edit has taken a huge step when we managed to pick up one of the last "available" coders around! We will start with a small workgroup to get all the big stuff out of the way. Once we have a working edit we will open up the discussion for broader feedback and suggestions. As you can imagine there is no timetable for this, but we think things should move along at a good pace over the next few weeks. So stay tuned for more updates as our latest project comes to life!

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Note to all users: please register here


Just a note to all current forums users to please register here as well, even if you already have access the forums. It only takes 30 seconds and it helps us better manage this page besides giving you access to a User Menu. Thanks! 2

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Trouble in user login? - Falha de login?


We have witnessed various instances of failed user login as we switched over to this new system. In case you are experiencing the same trouble, please use the "Forgot your password?" link in the login form. A new password will be issued to your registered email account. Temos assistido a diversas situaçőes de falha de login do usuário para este novo sistema. No caso de vocę estiver enfrentando o mesmo problema, por favor use o "Esqueceu sua senha?" link do formulário de login. Uma nova senha será emitida a sua conta de e-mail registrado.

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Pushbiscuit Rules


I.                    Practice.

A.     Chatting.

1.      When chatting during a practice/meeting you must give COMPLETE attention to the person running/speaking during the practice. Any interruptions can be rude and mess up the point he/she is trying to make. Following this will result in clear orders and everyone will understand what’s going on.

2.      If you have a Question during the Practice/Meeting you must simply mark up on the screen: ?  this means that you have a question and whenever the speaker is ready he/she will answer it in the order everyone marked the ?’s.

3.      If you have a Comment simply put a:  ! which means that you have something to add to what he is saying and he will get to you when he is ready.

4.      While you are either practicing or in the middle of a meeting and the senior officer calls ATTENTION! Everyone MUST stop what they are doing and show him that your paying attention by a sign meaning: *  this will help the senior officer to give his point across and can be vital to the mission/practice/ and or meeting.

B.     Practicing.

1.      During practice all PB members are expected to know what their doing and if they don’t understand something use step 2 under part A to clear the problem up.

2.      Fooling around isn’t what we are looking for during practice due to the match maps we are working on to win and become victorious.


C.     Admin.

1.      The only ones that are permitted to use admin are the ones speaking or an officer with rank unless permitted to do so.

2.      No torturing during the map unless given authority to do so by a senior officer. This will prevent confusion and fooling around during practice/meetings.

D.     Meetings.

1.      During meetings everyone is expected to show unless excused VIA E-mail.

2.      Meetings are were we strict the chatting policy (A) and hope everyone follows that structure. Doing so will let the meeting run smoothly and get all the points across clearly and begin to have fun.

E.      Rodger Wilco.

1.      When talking on RW same applies for chatting rules. Someone calls attention you respond “Paying Attention” so they know your listening.

2.      After you are finishing talking state your name at the end say “Shoots out” to distinguish who’s talking and that your done.

F.      Other.

1.      We expect all PB members to carry a good reputation and present their selves in a good manner even if you are just having fun and especially at another server. If we can keep our reputation up we will soon be glittered with members wanting to join us and we will rule the Havoc World.

2.      Please follow these steps and you will get a good outcome during any PB event that occurs. Thank you Much.



<!> Shoots


Was started in tribes beta by Smack, Biscuit and BiscuitSlayer. The 3 founders moved onto Tribes 2 and left the tribes 1 clan to <!>SAND. The clan was ranked #2 or higher on the OGL havoc mod ladder for years. Pushbiscuit moved to the Annihilation mod in 2003 only losing 1 scrim in 5 years. The clan was built on respect and Attitude and winning followed. The clan is not the oldest living clan in tribes. They can be found at or

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Why Join


Joining a clan places one within a social network which provides access to resources, knowledge, and help needed to accomplish many game related goals. In addition, banding together with like-minded players seems to fulfill a human desire for social interaction. Taken together, these two factors can vastly enhance the gameplay experience of many players.

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